A solution for everyone

Regardless of the size of your company or the level of your recruitment PhoenixATS will work for you

Our Pricing Model

Low cost of entry and a scalable licencing fee structure makes PhoenixATS attractive to companies of all sizes.

System Set Up

The system setup cost is a single one off fee and covers the initial branding of your site, start up training along with assistance establishing your forms content, workflows and other system templates.

System Licencing

Licencing is based on your company's recruitment levels with the first year based on your historical recruitment levels and anticipated future requirements. Each year this is reviewed according to the past 12 months.

Scalability in Pricing

Because you pay for the recruitment level you use, if your requirements change from one year to the next, the licencing fee can be adjusted accordingly taking into consideration rises and falls.

Unlimited User Licences

Your monthly licence fee covers unlimited staff users as the fee is based on recruitment levels and not registered staff users.

Future System Up-Grades

All system upgrades and enhancements are covered in your licencing fee so you are assured your system will keep pace with future technical advancements and trends.